Custom antenna being tested in a Viasat testing lab

Leaders in their fields choose Viasat for their custom antennas

At Viasat, we offer suitable, high-quality custom SATCOM designs

With extensive experience in antenna and space hardware design, manufacturing, and testing, we are uniquely positioned to partner with our customers to create low- or high-volume custom precision solutions and meet even the most demanding requirements — on time and budget.
  • Microwave antennas, microwave and millimeter wave passive component design
  • Integrated RF electronics/feed networks
  • High accuracy, high dynamic pointing and tracking positioners
  • Advanced thermal solutions, space hardware, and high-volume, high-yield manufacturing
  • Custom fixtures and test equipment

    Viasat’s system engineering team follows a thorough and methodical design cycle. We create and manage project requirements, perform architecture analyses, define electrical and functional interfaces, conduct trade studies and risk evaluations, plan design validation and verification, and implement designs.


    Our custom solutions manufacturing team supports the design, procurement, quality, and production phases. Comprised of subject matter experts in everything from machining to welding to assembly, and employing DFM/A experience, we use cost-effective strategies to bridge cutting-edge mechanical and electrical concepts with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.


    Viasat specializes in testing antennas and radomes — our own and yours. Solutions range from static bench testing to dynamic over-the-air testing, and our test experts are equipped to support a wide range of testing services, including creating test plans, designing and fabricating fixtures, and performing customized data evaluation.

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