Operations Cybersecurity

Protecting your critical operations

Viasat provides secure networks that are designed to efficiently collect data related to safety, security, and site productivity. We offer a fully managed service that provides global 360º data security protection for sensitive information transiting any network.

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Security Operations Center

Viasat’s security operations center (SOC) is the backbone of our cybersecurity solutions. Our experts successfully implement the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Risk Management Framework (RMF). Our experts consist of veteran cybersecurity engineers and analysts with over 50 years of experience in cybersecurity from commercial, US Federal, and DoD government industries.

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Benefits of Viasat’s SOC:

  • Centralized experts - A team of highly experienced cybersecurity analysts dedicated to preventing cybersecurity threats. 
  • Reduce costs - The SOC assists your existing cybersecurity efforts and provides a force multiplier, while avoiding costly training and employing staff who will need to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities. 
  • Protecting your operations - We employ technologies including an arsenal of firewalls, probes, and event management systems that collect and monitor data as it moves across platforms. The SOC stays ahead of potential threats by analyzing active feeds, establishing rules, identifying exceptions, enhancing responses and monitoring possible vulnerabilities.