Our fastest-ever in-flight connectivity service over L-band for the business aviation industry.

Unlocking a world of new possibilities

Our ground-breaking new SwiftJet in-flight connectivity service will enter commercial service in 2024, delivering seamless global coverage across flight routes and maximum speeds up to 2.6 Mbps, up to six times faster than our existing SwiftBroadband L-band business aviation solution. 


This allows passengers to stay connected with colleagues, friends and family wherever and whenever they fly, with the ability to communicate over email, text, instant messaging and video calls, browse the internet and social media, and even enjoy single device streaming.


Game-changing onboard experience

We understand that the needs of business aviation change almost as fast as jets can fly. Fueled by a desire to constantly push the boundaries of what is achievable and deliver the best possible service, SwiftJet is our latest ground-breaking global connectivity solution for business aviation. Backed by L-band’s characteristic resilience, security and dependability, it is a welcome game-changer that unlocks an enhanced onboard experience.

Unlocking SwiftJet’s capabilities


SwiftJet uses advanced hardware from our partner Honeywell that can be installed on a broad range of aircraft. SwiftBroadband customers that migrate to SwiftJet will benefit from a simple, convenient upgrade to Honeywell's existing terminals, without needing to replace any externally mounted aircraft equipment. New customers, meanwhile, will experience the same ease of installation as with any Viasat L-band terminal. 

Partner network


We have announced three distribution partners for SwiftJet - Satcom Direct, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace. Customers are now able to engage with their preferred distribution partners, as well as aircraft manufacturers and installation providers, to commence discussions on price plans, service contracts, upgrade feasibility and more.


Connect with Viasat

Reliable in-flight connectivity is within reach. More information about Viasat’s high-performing Wi-Fi, global coverage and advanced technology for business jets or private aircraft is a call or click away.
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