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Reliable connectivity across the globe

Viasat delivers more than ground-breaking in-flight Wi-Fi solutions. It delivers confidence.

Connectivity takes flight

Viasat's innovative Ka-band and L-band satellite technology delivers reliable, consistent, and high performing connectivity wherever you fly. Our cockpit and cabin services are trusted onboard thousands of private jets across the world.

Solutions for Business Aviation


Jet ConneX

Supports all types of online activities, from video streaming and live TV to video calls, file transfers, and VPN. 


Viasat Ka

Powerful and high-performing internet service without speed limits for an advanced in-flight experience.1



Communicate over email, text, instant messaging, and video calls, and even enjoy single device streaming. 



Proven, dependable way to stay connected, regardless of aircraft type or which route is being flown globally.

Total excellence delivered every time

Everyone operating in the business aviation sector demands the best. Risk, uncertainty, instability… these are not concepts business leaders will tolerate.


Flight Directors and General Managers operating private aircraft on behalf of management companies, corporations, private owners and business leaders, will recognize the importance of maximizing these high net worth individuals’ time and productivity while they’re in the skies.


So when it comes to choosing a high-performing connectivity solution, it pays to choose Viasat.

Coverage confidence

With strategically positioned satellite technology, Viasat delivers ultra-reliable in-flight Wi-Fi.

Capacity is key

Viasat’s high-capacity satellites allow for broadband speed that will outpace rivals and dazzle passengers.

Sky-high tech

Viasat hardware is in it for the long haul with forward-thinking and future-compatible technology.

24/7/365 Support

Viasat’s round-the-clock-and-calendar customer service model keeps equipment running and aircraft airborne.

Connectivity wherever you fly

In a world where principals’ every decision is considered, they prize predictability and consistency. They expect to remain connected wherever they fly in the world. Viasat’s in-flight connectivity solutions – designed for mobility and with global coverage – can provide this reliability and superior performance. What’s more, our services come in flexible packages that enable principals to stream, email, chat, and browse, as they need.

A premium and seamless end-to-end experience

By working with the best, we are able to offer the best. Our long-established, global partner ecosystem – including companies like Satcom Direct,
Honeywell , and Collins Aerospace – delivers expertise and support to all our customers. This collaborative mindset enables us to present a complete solution across networks, hardware, and services. This capability, and the stability it provides, can eliminate any unnecessary risk and volatility.

Clouds against a turquoise sky

Connect with Viasat

Reliable in-flight connectivity is within reach. More information about Viasat’s high-performing Wi-Fi, global coverage and advanced technology for business jets or private aircraft is a call or click away.

1 - "No speed limits" means that there is no cap set on the speed delivered to a terminal. Speeds may still be limited by terminal equipment capabilities, network and environmental conditions, and other factors.